Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Syracuse is a Rinky Dink Sports City

I've talked about this before, back when AM1260 dumped ESPN radio for The Score (Who?  Exactly.) and replaced a great lineup of Cowherd, Tirico, and Van Pelt with Don Imus and a bunch of local meatheads.  But since it's always relevant and I'm stuck here, I'll talk about it again.  Plus I think I've diagnosed the problem.

You see, the issue is that with Division I college football and basketball, Syracuse does have a tiny bit of a reach out into the national sports scene.  But neither team is consistently good enough or nationally compelling enough for anyone to give a shit outside of New York State.  I'm sorry SU fans, but there are at least ten basketball schools and fifty football schools that are ahead of Syracuse when it comes to discussions about NCAA sports.

This is a problem.  The reason it's a problem is that national sports within Syracuse suffers in the way of orange boners.  (Not the Jersey Shore kind.)  The Orange literally blot out every other interesting story like the big amorphous blob that is their mascot and those that live here, but don't want to follow a failure of a football team and the relatively uninteresting sport of basketball suffer.

Even though they continually hover between mediocre and terrible, the AHL's Syracuse Crunch are tons more interesting than either incarnation of the Orange.  And the Crunch fill a larger percentage of their building (5,154 out of 6,230) than the Orange (22,152 out of 34,616) with a tenth of the publicity and coverage.  Though to be fair, every game the Crunch plays matters, and SU spends 5-10 games at the beginning of each season dicking around with the likes of Northern Iowa and Canisius so that Boeheim can get his twenty wins.

If the city of Syracuse and it's media outlets spent half the time promoting the Crunch as they do sucking the dicks of the Syracuse Orange, they could probably sell the building out almost every single night.  The Hershey Bears have almost doube the attendance of the Crunch even though nearby Harrisburg actually has a smaller metropolitan population than the City of Syracuse does.

But the Syracuse paper would rather devote between three and five pages to the minutaie of its stupid college teams than spread the love to other sports.  I can't blame them too much since it's a bit of a chicken and egg scenario.  The people trend towards what gets covered, and the papers cover what people trend towards.  I just look around, and think we can do better here.

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