Sunday, April 3, 2011

Statistics are Contagious...Apparently

A little history lesson:

I started writing Vulgar Statistics at Black and Blue and Gold a bit under a year ago and have been posting on a weekly basis since.  I love writing the column because I love looking through numbers, and would be doing that work whether I had a place to put it or not.  BBG gives me the opportunity to reach more people, to spread more information, and to encourage more analysis throughout the sabres fansphere.

It's that last one that has been somewhat surprising to me, but pleasant for sure.  As some of you know, Puck Daddy has unveiled its own statistics based column called Stats Nerd Sunday within the last few months, which has the same goals that I do at BBG, just typically more broadly focused.  Now, just last week, WECK1230 host has rolled out his own version of my column called Numbers Nerd that presumably updates weekly.

I'm happy to see that statistics are getting a bit better of a rap than they tend to, and that Mendola has been so heavily influenced by my work.  It's great to see so many people jumping on the trend because the newer and fresher the ideas for ways to look at and dissect the numbers, the better off we all all are, and I think the better we understand the game we love to watch.

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