Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sabres Eliminated, Still Winners

So the Sabres yet again find themselves eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  While I am disappointed, I can't say I am surprised.  Philadelphia is a talented team with far better depth both offensively and defensively than the Sabres and you knew they were going to play well.

Yes someone will take home the Stanley Cup and it won't be us, but I think the Sabres will be taking home the next best thing.  Terry Pegula.  In a league where consolation prizes are somewhere between few and none we might be heading away with the best one.  I do believe that we now have the best ownership and management in the league.  Management that is committed to not only fixing the things that keep the team from winning the ultimate prize, but to making the experience more enjoyable for the fans.  Contrast that with the team that just beat us, who has a GM committed to forging blindly ahead with salvation army goaltending no matter how many times it ultimately costs him.

Let's be honest, the winner of this series is spiraling towards an eventual 4-1 or 4-2 elimination at the hands of the Washington Capitals regardless of what city it came from.  But after that we're heading for something better, heading in a direction that not many teams are.  I always say that the whole point of watching this sport is to have fun, and that I'm committed to that goal, especially now since the fun is set to increase in more ways than we ever thought possible.  The atmosphere in Buffalo reached a level that no one could have imagined in mere weeks under Pegula's ownership with changes that were largely cosmetic and superficial.  Imagine what can happen when the new ownership has time and can put in actual effort.  And that doesn't even speak to the moves that are related to hockey, are related to changing the team.

Yes, we may be losers tonight, but I think in the long run we're coming out on top.

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