Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Will Never Be Mainstream

I will never be mainstream.  I will never be mainstream.  I will never be mainstream. Perhaps I should repeat it some more.  Suffice it to say this blog will never achieve the traffic or the popularity of a Willful Caboose, or a Goose's Roost or any of a number of other blogs with Sabres content.  I don't blog exclusively about Sabres hockey or the minutiae of daily life or things that have widespread appeal.  I delve into divisive and taboo topics like bondage, and porn that large swaths of people shy away from and often take a less than comfortable look at my own personal life.  And I certainly don't try to be any silly things like family friendly, safe for work, or professional.

I am okay with this fact, I have long made peace with it, even though I forget it sometimes.  I think it's only human to want to achieve a certain level of pleasant notoriety in your community (electronic or otherwise) or among your peers.  There are days when I don't give a flying fuck what anyone thinks about me, and others where I wonder if I'm being too abrasive in discussing a topic and pissing off the wrong people.  I don't want to drive people away, but at the same time I realize that there are those that will never get me...and I do want to drive them away.  They've no place here.

It's for these reasons that I am thankful for the opportunity to write Vulgar Statistics for Black and Blue and Gold, to have one sector of my life where I can play nice, and have standards of decency and professionalism and a widespread readership instead of facing "ooh, that guy talks about porn and bondage, let's stay away from him."

I thought for a while about separating this blog into Sabres content, and other content, but decided not to for a couple of reasons.  The first of which is that there would inevitably be times when I wasn't posting on one or the other, and that's no good.  But more importantly because several people have told me that they enjoy the "extra-curricular" content.

I'm not sure what the purpose of this entry really was except to think out loud for a while ( know what I mean.)  If we want to dumb down the message, I guess I can say, "I won't ever change."  You guys are stuck with me.


  1. I occasionally find myself reading the porn/bondage entries anyways so I'm glad that you have all of your content on one blog.

  2. Found you through BBG, added your blog to my viewing (and of course met you in person briefly). I don't mind the alt-lifestyle stuff. You do what you do and it's up to us to filter (if we're so inclined) and that's cool.