Monday, April 11, 2011

I Hate Female Journalists

Not really, I think I hate them all, but one in particular was the inspiration for this entry.  Allow me to explain.

I was riding home from my girlfriend's house late Sunday surfing through AM Radio for anything remotely interesting to listen to.  With spring on the way, baseball and golf are starting to heat up, and while I don't specifically follow them, as a sports fan and someone who has played both, I can appreciate listening to analysis.

The first channel I tuned into was Red Sox - Yankees postgame, with male and female co-hosts.  It didn't really click that half of the team was female for a while because I don't really look for that sort of thing in my sports reporting.  If you can be intelligent and unbiased (nationally), or appropriately biased (locally) you can be a no-nutted eunuch cross-dresser for all I care.

That channel started to die so I flipped around again and found some Masters coverage.  This time, what I slowly realized after listening for a few minutes was that both the host, and the correspondent on location were women.  Putting aside the irony of an all-female reporting tandem involved with the staunchly chauvenist Augusta Country Club, I started to think about the phenomenon of women broadcasters in sports.

The topic at hand was the fact that apparently a female journalist was barred from entering the lockerroom at Augusta, which I didn't really have a problem with.  You can scream sexism all you want, but if I, as a male, tried to get access to an LPGA lockerroom, people would be screaming bloody murder, especially with underage Michelle Wie puttering around several years ago.  (Or maybe not, do male reporters get access to female athletes' locker rooms?  Someone enlighten me.)  I'm fine with maintaining a bit of a distance between reporters and athletes lest we see something we don't want to.  Or at least allowing them time to cover their genitals.

Somehow it has become permissible for female journalists to act less than professionally.  Look, I know that Jenn Sterger and Ines Sainz are basically wastes of silicone...but some of the blame has to fall on those that allow them to act that way.  If a male reporter got all flirty with, say, Jennie Finch, or Anna Kournikova, and tried to measure their bust or waistline (the same way Sainz was measuring biceps) they'd be out of a job.

Clearly the title of this entry, and the similar feelings that many hold are at least partially misdirected.  The gender, and the journalists and sportscasters themselves aren't the problem.  The rest of us are.  Look, Jenn Sterger is a dumb twenty-something that is famous because she whored it up at an FSU game and manged to get on camera.  OF COURSE she's going to purchase breast implants for the sole purpose of advancing her career...because people will let her.

This isn't a new problem though.  Accountability, or a lack thereof among journalists is a HUGE problem.  It's why people like Pierre McGuire still has a job despite the fact that LITERALLY NO ONE WANTS TO LOOK AT OR LISTEN TO HIM EVER AGAIN.  It's why Linda Cohn is allowed to be a dumb homer bitch and pick the Rangers in every single playoff series ever at (seriously she's picked them to win every single series they've been in since I started watching hockey in 2006), and Keith Jones is allowed to do the same thing for the Flyers, and Versus is allowed to do the same thing for the Flyers and Penguins.

There is no accountability, and because of it, we'll continue to be subjected to pathetic homerism and airheads with tits while the talented people while away in obscurity.  It's not that difficult to follow the ratings to maximize your audience without being a homer, a moron, good looking, or all three.  Colin Cowherd can do it, John Buccigoss can do it, Piere Lebrun can do it, E.J. Hradek can do it, (but he wants fighting out of hockey so we hate them anyways), and I have to believe there are tons of supremely talented female journalists around that can do it, but aren't because silicone cleavage gets ratings, and intelligent women are threatening to the masculinity of stupid males.



  1. Actually, male reporters are allowed to go into female locker rooms.

    You say how it's not right that certain female reporters are allowed to be flirtacious with the athletes, but do you realize how many documented incidents over the years show that many female sports reporters are sexually harassed by the athletes (I'm not referring to Ines Sainz)?

    It's a hard profession to break into as a female, because professional sports is such a male-driven world. There are certainly a lot of strides that still need to be taken for a female sports reporter to succeed, and some of that can fall on women themselves (the need for them to dumb themselves down, act flirty with the athletes, etc.)

    You say that a lot of it can fall on us as a society, which I agree with, but then again I find it hypocritical that you can say that yet still use words like "whore" and "bitch" to describe female sports reporters that you dislike...

  2. I also use asshole, douchebag, and meathead to describe male sports reporters I don't like. I don't think either is particularly sexist.

    I don't think that's hypocritical. What would be hypocritical would be me shunning talented female journalists because I don't they're attractive, or being swayed by the T&A of the likes of Sterger, Sainz, and company.