Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Bring You...Angry Tuna

I am a complex man of complex tastes and as many of you are well aware, I like to stay up late.  With this nocturnal schedule comes a tendency to eat late.  Most of the time I'm wandering upstairs looking for something simple that I can easily bring back to the computer.  However in recent weeks I have begun embracing my complexity.

You see, I tend to enjoy foods that are a lot of foods in one food.  Like say club sandwiches, assorted meat subs, and pizza with retarded amounts of toppings.  (Seriously Papa John's charges you the same for 100 toppings as they do for one, what was I supposed to do?)  I often theorize that if I like things individually, then I will most likely enjoy them together.  Works great for oatmeal-caramel sauce - ice cream.  Great for Pepperoni, onion, ham, saussage, jalepeno, bacon pizza.  Not so good for mustard brownie, chicken noodle hot sauce, or spaghetti and hot sauce.  Evidently hot sauce isn't the best substitute for spaghetti sauce desipte the disgustingness of one and the awesomeness of the other.

But I digress.

One of the things that is easy to grab and appeals to my complex tastes is sandwiches.  Of course, with an absence of apropriate sandwich materials, this is easier said than done.  But recently we had quesadillas for dinner and had leftover tortilla shells.  Well shit, I figured, I could probably make a wrap.  Hell, those are right up my alley, you just throw a ton of crap into a tortilla shell and eat it.  And the best part is if something nasty or spoiled does find its way in, there are at least eight other foods present to beat its stank-ass down.

So I started rooting through my fridge for anything and everything that might taste good together.  Leftover KFC...check, ham...of course, lettuce, colby jack, peppers, salsa...hell I think most of that is already in the salsa anyways.  Unfortunately both the ham and the chicken only lasted one night (last night), so tonight I was faced with a conundrum, what to use for meat.

Eventually, liking tuna salad, I decided that tuna should take the place of the chicken and the ham.  Unfortunately tuna can be a bit...bland.  So I in addition to mixing it with mayo, I mixed it with hot sauce, and thus angry tuna was born.  I had most of the other ingredients from the previous night, the peppers, cheese, lettuce, etc, so I threw it all together and wrapped it up.

It was delicious.
It also gave me gas.

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  1. Joke in my family...I will put hot sauce on anything, and it is very much true. Hot sauce in Tuna is one of the greatest things ever...I'm glad you've joined the dark side :)