Monday, March 28, 2011

Technically a Professional Writer!

As of this date I have sold a remarkable six books (5 copies of Cube Wars, 1 copy of The Chosen) for a total of $14.68 ($10.58 on Lulu, $2.10 on Kindle Publishing) in revenue. which means that I haven't made enough to actually receive any money since I have yet to hit either of the minimum requirements ($20 on Lulu, $10 on Kindle).

However, the fact remains that I am a professional writer since I've actually sold my work (kinda).  That's six more than most of you (and hundreds less than Amanda).  I remain hopeful that either Arnett Tanner Wants to Die, or Skankarella will get a legit publisher.  I'd like to at least have that accomplishment, but I wonder if publishing houses aren't going to start to go extinct entirely.  It costs next to nothing to ePublish, and one can do it from their home in minutes without facing the rejection of dozens of agents (seriously, fuck them).  Because it costs next to nothing, the author can receive way more in royalties AND provide their work at less cost to the reader.  I have The Chosen available for $3 electronically and I receive about four times more in royalties than I would in print at less than half the cost to the reader.

The downside is less publicity...or so you would think.  I often wonder what the real difference is between a book sitting on a shelf in a fiction section and an ebook sitting in a queue on a search.  Is there really that much loss in sales and publicity by ePublishing?  Is their actualy a gain since readers can sift through hundreds of books in less time on the internet without having to put on their in-public pants and head down to the bookstore.  Plus my book can be seen from anywhere online, not just specific bookstores.

What does this all mean?  It means that I need to be aggressive in marketing my book since that falls on me.  So buy my books or I'll track your IP, come to you house and pee on your couch.  Check the appropriate tabs for The Chosen and Cube Wars at the top of this page.

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