Saturday, March 12, 2011

Infiltrating the Rocky Horror Picture Show

I just got back from seeing a production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at RIT so I figured I'd do a writeup on the experience.  I'll try to describe it as best I can for those who haven't had the chance to experience things for themselves without going into too much detail.

I think a lot of people at least know the basics.  RHPS veterans dress up, yell things at certain points within the movie and often act out scenes.  The movie itself is nothing short of insanity, with the wikipedia entry probably offering the best explanation, "a provocative and comedic portrayal of alternative sexualities, predominantly those of Bis, Gays, Transvestites, and the Transgendered with some mentions of BDSM.  Thus the costumes are what you'd expect, risque, slutty, and almost never gender appropriate.

The experience itself was interesting.  I'm not one for being a part of groups or cult phenomena, even one so bizarre and up my alley as the RHPS, but it was legitimately enjoyable.  There was a bit of light hazing for the newcomers which involved me getting a pretty good view of a hot girl's thong (yes please) and a lot of entertaining cosplay (in which the dominating theme was "show your awesome cleavage").  As expected, "sexually open" was a huge understatement to describe the participants.  Which brings me to my next point.

Three of the attendees were two parents and their twelve year old daughter.  Obviously she didn't partake in any of the racier activities like stripping and was dressed pretty conservatively, but she was still exposed to a number of things that most American parents would not expose a twelve year old to, homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenders, transvestites, BDSM, and a number of sexual activities (hitting the three main holes here and then some).

I have to give those parents a great deal of respect and a round of applause for breaking from the stereotypicality of the American view on sex.  In a day and age where parents go overboard when censoring anything even slightly risque, or take absurd and illogical precautions to "keep" their kids from having sex (like withholding birth control) it's nice to see a few heading in the opposite direction.

I think that a demystification and a de-taboo-ifying (yay made up words) of sex should be one of the primary social goals in this country, and the best way to do that is by teaching youth that such things are okay and encouraging them to learn.  In countries like the Netherlands their five years olds know more about sex than the average American teenager and they mop the floor with Americans in every statistical category (seriously look it up, divorce rates, teen pregnancies, abortions, STD statistics).

Great to see parents that aren't afraid to expose their child to reality. 

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