Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Current Projects: FoR and Beyond

I'll just go through a rundown of where I am with various things at this moment.

The Chosen - Shelved.  I have stopped querying this story since there is probably an oversaturation of Vampire Fiction out there.  I may publish this to Kindle's Amazon bookstore.

Cube Wars - Available at, and will be at Kindle's Amazon bookstore shortly.  Unfortunately many of the fonts used are not supported by e-readers.  I may rectify this in the future, particularly for the Kindle, but I am shelving this one for now as well.

Arnett Tanner Wants to Die - Still querying through traditional means hoping to find a real publisher, but having little success so far.  I'm on somewhere between my third and fifth edit so the writing is pretty clean.  This may find it's way to Kindle's Amazon bookstore if I get tired of querying.

Skankarella - Finished, edited, and being queried.

Taro Says - I didn't receive any contributions, and I don't feel like badgering people for them, so I'm going to shelf this one as well.

Freedom of Restraint will continue to be posted weekly over at its own domain for the foreseeable future.

Future Ideas:

I currently have my hands full writing FoR and editing ATWtD, but I do have a few novel ideas down the road.

Kissing Ellen King - A semi fictional, semi autobiographical romantic novel.

Zombie Love Story - A Shaun of the Dead type novel in which two people are trapped far away from each other and must fight through hordes of Zombies to be together again.  Not sure how well a Zombie story will work with the written word, but I'm interested to try.

Dystopian Idea #1 - A future world where religion has run rampant due to some sort of terrorist act or catastrophe and the American public finds itself trapped under the perverted and restrictive rules of various dogmas.

Dystopian Idea #2 - A future world in which various devices, cell phones, ipads, and the growth of internet networks have made human interaction almost completely irrelevant.  From being able to order a pizza online to using medical websites to diagnose ailments and receive perscriptions to the widespread use of e-mail and texting for basic communication, human interaction is at a minimum.  Thus the world has transformed into a haven for introverts, and the extroverted social people find themselves to be the new outcasts.

The Vengeance Series - Some of you already know that The Vengeance Series is a collection of pornographic short stories I wrote from sophomore year in college up until about a year ago.  I think there are 42 stories and I've thought about editing them and adding a bit of story beyond the sex and e-publishing them.

I would also like to do some type of superhero story, though I don't know what powers I would use.  It seems like everything under the sun has already been done so it's hard to be unique.  One of my ideas is the ability to influence emotions or sensations in other people, but this idea is really raw.

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