Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Chosen Available on Kindle

For those of you that don't know, The Chosen is my first completed novel.  I've made it available on Amazon for the Kindle for $3 through Kindle Direct Publishing.  The description is as follows:

There are legends of how the creators laid the seeds for the three races. The Vampires were said to have no aversion to sunlight. They were able to gain vitality through the blood of the animals they hunted, affording them great strength, agility, and immortality. Lycans could control their transformations, and control the feral instincts of the wolves they became. Human beings wielded a mastery over the four elemental forces. The three races each flourished in their own way until they grew large and began to infringe upon each other's territory. Squabbles increased, wars broke out and bloodshed became commonplace.

Angered over the violence perpetuated by their children, The Creators punished the three. Vampires were confined to the cold dark climates, their use of blood turned from an advantage into a debilitating addiction. The Lycans were stripped of their control, doomed to transform at the advent of each full moon, wandering as beasts. Human beings lost their elemental prowess, forced to endure the harsh climates in which they lived, to survive by their own devices.

The Chosen follows Ender, a Vampire with unique powers and a link to the history of the three races. When he kidnaps Ellie, a human girl with secrets of her own, it sets off a race against a tenuous alliance of Vampires and Lycans. Turk, desperate to use his son's gifts to save his people from extinction, has begrudgingly pledged allegiance to Jareth, the bloodthirsty leader of a clan of power-hungry Vampires. Both have faith in the legends that foretell of chosen members of each race whose blood can be mixed to end the curses levied upon the three.

Jareth wishes to unite them believing if it is his hand and his hand alone that draws the blood, it will mean the ascension of the Vampires above all others. Turk is hell bent on lifting the disease which has caused the destruction of his people, regardless of what it means for his son Evander, the chosen Lycan. Ender and Ellie travel across New York while being tracked by Evander, seeking the answers to their existence, the reasons they're being hunted, and above all else, survival. During their journeys they will be forced to make difficult decisions, weighing their own safety against the needs of those that are poised to fall subject to Jareth’s wrath, and begin to wonder who the villain really is.

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