Friday, February 18, 2011

Writing What I Want

I had a rather odd dream last night.  I was still in high school and it was at one of the times during the year when we got quarterly grades.  When I got to one of my classes, I had a  bunch of demerits for things that were unrelated to school and a D average.  I questioned my teacher about it and she started listing off things from my blog that she didn't agree with.  The dream basically ended shortly after as I woke up, but it was interesting because my reaction in the dream was the same one I'd have in real life.  Fuck you, I'll write what I want.

It made me think, as I fell back asleep, about how free speech is a bit of a misnomer.  Sure people have the freedom to say what they want (within certain bounds), but that speech comes at a price.  There are perceptions that come about from everything you say, and let's face it, Americans are an extremely narrow minded people.  You are being judged, and being judged constantly and often unfairly.

But we have people who don't give a shit, and I love them (and myself) for it.  Without those that have a willingness (and often a delight) to turn people off and make them uncomfortable, we wouldn't really have anything of artistic value in society.

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