Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who Needs the NFL?

I have been rolling this idea around in my head for a few days regarding my ever increasing apathy for the NFL and then I found this piece through Hockey Rhetoric and it spurred me to write this entry.

I'm not overly concerned with safety in the NFL.  I do think the culture will begin to change regarding player safety.  Hopefully it will merely be a result of several players speaking up rather than someone dying on the field, but it will happen eventually.  I think the issue presented in the article is a part of a larger problem.  The NFL doesn't care about anything but itself.  Not the players, not the fans, not the alumni, just itself.

It's pretty evident in the decisions the NFL had made over the past several years, ignoring equipment that could increase player safety, chopping halftime to increase commercial time, contemplating an 18 game season, and making fans pay out the ass for access to the product whether it be through Personal Seat Licenses, or the NFL Network.

I'm not sure if I'm going to watch the Super Bowl this year.  There's nothing in it for me aside from cheap entertainment, and that's debatable at best.  I can catch the important plays online later, and the commercials on youtube.  I no longer have a personal stake in any of the teams except the Bills.  My hatred for some teams over others has gradually evened out into a throbbing low-key loathing.  Fuck them all.

Probably the most damning thing against the NFL for a fan such as myself is the sharp contrast in how the NFL treats the Bills, and how the NHL treats the Sabres.  The NFL is looking to move a team or two to Los Angeles at all costs and if that involves relocating a team from a strong market such as Buffalo instead of weaker markets like Dallas, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Oakland, or San Diego then so be it.  Meanwhile, when the Sabres underwent ownership issues in the early part of the 00s, the NHL was committed to keeping one of its premier teams from moving.  They delayed the selling process until Tom Golisano stepped forward and bought the team with promises of not only keeping it put, but only selling to someone who would keep it put.  As much as we rant against the NHL brass, and as much as the league seems like it's run by a bunch of monkeys, they do some things right, and they are more empathetic (if only slightly) than the bigwigs of the NFL.

The NFL is becomming like NASCAR to me, bits of excitement sprinkled in with a lot of dead time.  Decent as background noise for something else, but not feature entertainment.  The commercials are long and frequent, the "analysts" and commentators can only be described as HOLY SHIT GOD FUCKING AWFUL, and even though I watch less and less football every year, I still find myself correcting a handful of fuckups during every game.  Just absurd.

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