Thursday, February 24, 2011

Terry Pegula Rips the Media

On Wednesday Terry Pegula met with Buffalo News editors and reporters for an interview regarding all things related to the ownership change and his plans for the future.  If you don't wind up listening to the entire, somewhat lengthy interview, at one point Pegula says (paraphrasing) "Part of the quit in this team has come from this room."

I disagree with that statement.  Even at the high school level  myself, and the other bowlers and baseball players didn't read much in the paper.  And that was at a time when the excitement level of being mentioned was high, and we weren't mature enough to know better.  I highly doubt that professional athletes with better things to do are putting any stock in what the paper's contributors think.  If you want to point the finger at anyone for negatively impacting the team65, you can direct it at the fans, but that's not what this is about.

While I disagree with what Pegula said, I'm thrilled he said it.  It's good that someone in a position of power finally called out the Buffalo Media, because they both need and deserve it.  The media and the paper in particular are allowed to basically run without any checks to their power.  Sure they have standards, and they can reference editorial letters and website comments all they want as user feedback, but by and large if a reporter (say Bucky) continually acts like an asshat, there isn't much anyone can do.  No one is going to stop buying papers because one reporter is a dick, so that reporter has no incentive to stop being a dick.

And then in comes Terry Pegula and he basically says "you guys are kind of dicks."  I'm glad somebody with some clout finally told them.  I understand that part of the job description for journalists is being a douchebag and that those that exist in the field without that quality are few and far between, but it's good to see them get reined in every once in a while, if only for the readers who are tired of seeing the same rehashed negativity every time the team loses, or some small thing doesn't go a certain reporter's way.

It's much easier to generate buzz by preying on people's negative emotions than it is to try and hit on positive ones and too often media outlets fall into this rut.  Maybe it won't do anything, but I'm glad Pegula at least tried to smack them out of it.

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