Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sometimes I Think Morality is Just an Excuse to be Bigoted

It is amazing to me how often morality becomes a justification for intolerance.  If you hate something without any rhyme or reason, it's typically a negative thing, but if you back up your hatred with some sort of moral reservations, by and large society will give you a pass.  (Which is funny because here I am raging about morality and my policy of tolerance is a type of morality.)

I think that we tend to take the things that we like and dislike, for a variety of reasons both logical, and insane, and wrap that into our view of right and wrong.  Inevitably the things we like become 'right' and the things we dislike become 'wrong.'  It causes a perversion of morality where people find harmless things to be 'wrong' even though they are exactly that, harmless.  I don't know what causes these feelings, whether it's upbringing, or if it's a sort of natural human narcissism.  We selfishly transform our own opinions into some sort of worldview, and music and movies and activities that we merely don't like become music and movies and activities that are 'wrong' or that 'suck.'

My mind conjures images of the stereotypical suburbanite sandy vagina-d soccer mom that sticks her nose up at a variety of things she deems to be 'wrong.'  You know the type, the woman that actively campaigns against homosexuality, or promiscuity, or any number of things that she doesn't have any exposure to and by which she is in no way affected.  But I know that's not a fairl generalization.

Which leads me to believe it's mere human nature to have trouble differentiating between our tastes and any sort of moral code.  Really to us the world is merely what we see, so it is easy to apply our own principles on a far broader scale than they should be applied.  And I don't think there is anyone that doesn't suffer from these tendencies.  I myself am not perfect despite how strongly I try to adhere to the Wiccan tenet "if it harms none, do as you will."

But I do try, and I like to be very honest and deliberate in my treatment of things I don't like in saying that they are merely not my taste rather than using harsher language.  Because that's the honest truth, and being rather unique and fond of things that many people don't like, I know how it is being on the other side.

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  1. I think I should take a new approach to the way I look at things; especially those things that I claim I 'hate'.
    Speaking of which, you and I need to have a discussion about the Wiccan culture soon. I'm interested in finding information.