Monday, February 7, 2011

NFL Picks: Year in Review

As many of you know, I was in the Syracuse Post-Standard Newspaper picking NFL games for the NFL regular season and playoffs.  The rules were we had to pick the one New York and two New Jersey teams along with a predetermined game of the week and two other games of our choosing (provided the spread was less than ten).  The competition pitted six PS employees (Us) against six paper subscribers (them) for the duration of the season.

The subscribers finished with a record of 412-266 and defeated the employees who had a record of 408-270.  These were the final standings (employees underlined):

  1. Bud Poliquin - 76-37
  2. Alex Bauer - 74-39
  3. Remi Depeche - 72-41
  4. Sarah Moses - 71-42
  5. Jacquelyn Aversa - 70-43
  6. Jeff King - 68-45
  7. Christian Jackson - 68-45
  8. Bob Siuda - 68-45
  9. John Rhode - 67-46
  10. Emily Kulkus - 63-50
  11. Jason Murray - 62-51
  12. Ben Rivers - 61-52
And following are each week's comments.
Figured I'd start off with a little bio just so people would know what to expect.

Initially my goal was to mention both the Bills and Sabres every week.

Hey man, if you're going to be a fan...  (Bob Siuda was the only other Bills fan picking games.)

One of the many weeks I mentioned hockey instead of football.

The stupid 25-word limit fucked me a lot of weeks.  The comment I wanted to run was "If an NFL game is played in Jacksonville and no one is around to see it, did it really happen?"

I started off pretty slowly evening out most weeks and then roared through the second half of the season.

It's true, NCAA kickers are the best.

Poliquin is known for being a perennial cellar dweller in the NFL picks column, but at this point in the season he was like 5 games ahead in first at like 31-11.

The beginning of my fiery streak.  The person across from me in the paper, Sarah Moses, is a huge Giants fan and was kind of annoying about it, so I took my shots at the Giants when I could.

I think this was the week I went 6-0.  I managed to fit bashing the Giants and Cowboys, complimenting the Sabres, and mentioning my birthday all within 25 words.  I picked the Giants blowout loss purely out of spite and then it actually happened...awesome.

This one is tagged on my facebook and came on the heel's of Vanek's OT winner on 11-13 against the Capitals.  (We had to have our picks in by Thursday so I couldn't mention it the previous week.  Note that every score somehow involves a '26.'

I was actually pretty nice despite the temptation to be an asshole with such a large audience.  Everytime someone bashed the Bills (usually Remi or Ben because they're children...literally), instead of taking a shot back, I simply talked about hockey over football.

If you use a simple alphanumeric code where a=1, b=2... then the scores on the right hand side spell out RIP JIM.  I was suprised the Post-Standard didn't mention Kelley's passing, but not a lot.

Guessing this came on the heels of someone bashing Buffalo or the Bills the previous week.

Merry Christmas, Sabres style.  I hope at least one P-S reader enjoyed these.

Yeah, I decided to pkay the asshole card.  Hey, the Bills won like four games, I'm going to enjoy them.

It's true, I finished first in the league, and then lost in the first round because I was in Buffalo and was unable to set my lineup.  However, since I had the most points overall in the playoffs, and the most points combined between the regular season and playoffs, I believe I was the true fantasy champion.

I sucked hard picking games in the playoffs.

Probably shouldn't have picked against Pittsburgh.  I was getting tired of the NFL at this point, so I decided to shit on it.

Not so clever foot joke!

I saved my best comment for last.

Packers - 31
Steelers - 25

Capitals - 3
Penguins - 0

Fuck yea!

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