Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mike Harrington Throws Tom Golisano a Spitball

Let me preface this by saying that I enjoy what Harrington does as a reporter.  I follow him on Twitter and have had many conversations with him through social media.  I think he is among the more rational writers with The Buffalo News, and one of the best at interacting with fans and having their thoughts on his mind.

That having been said, I really didn't like his question to Tom Golisano about how Golisano deals with the perception that his pennypinching dismantled a contender.  My initial response was that it sounded more like someone calling into the Whiner Line than a question from a professional, but that's part of what makes Harrington so great, he knows what's on the fans' minds, and many fans have had that thought since 2007.

I guess there are a few things that bother me about the question.  The first was a point made by Larry Quinn.  Drury has been awful, he gets paid $7 million to put up Jochen Hecht numbers and Briere has been either hurt or disappointing in his run at Philadelphia.  The Sabres are probably better off without those two players.

The second, and my real annoyance with the question comes from the fact that I thought it was rather useless.  If Harrington is really asking how Golisano deals with those perceptions among the fans (which is how he worded the question), then I think the answer, to have a thick skin and go about business, was already given.  If he's asking what I think (warning: opinion) he's asking, basically what Golisano has to say for himself in having a hand in dismantling a contender, then I don't know what answers he expected.  What is Golisano supposed to say?  "I suck?"  "The two guys sitting next to me suck?"  "Darcy Regier sucks?"  It just seemed to me like Harrington was asking the question from a fan perspective and taking one last moment to vent about what happened on 7-1-07.

Either way, the sale is going to be a reality, and perhaps Phil of BBG said it best in that it's kind of sad that what should be an optimistic day for Sabres fans was marred by more rehashing of the Briere/Drury debacle.

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