Thursday, February 24, 2011

Leaving Hockey Games Early

Much ado has been made about the owner of the Pegula #189 jersey.  Some hate the jersey, others are okay with it, and on the grand scheme of things neither opinion really matters all that much.  Wearing an odd jersey or committing a jersey foul only makes you look like a bit of an idiot to a lot of people.  Small potatoes. 

I actually sat four rows behind the owner of said jersey for Wednesday night's game.  He waved a Sabres flag for much of the game and was as rowdy as anyone and that passion made it a lot easier to swallow the goofy jersey.  Then he left with the Sabres up 4-1 and about five minutes left in the third period.  The respect drained out of me faster than the semen of a seventeen year old virgin fucking a porn star.

Pegula #189 did in fact NOT leave early, but rather moved to fill the lower seats of some folks that had left.

Unless your kid is about to become an obnoxious little monster or poop on the floor, or you had a family member die suddenly, there is no excuse for leaving early.  Especially in a game where the Sabres are winning, and doubly so if it's a historic night as Wednesday night was.

People complain about the team's supposed lack of heart, or as Jessica, better known as SabresCutie on Twitter put it, via a sign on the wall of HSBC Arena "Fans show up, why don't you?"  Well the answer to that is that the players occasionally gut out games late, and the fans do not.  If I looked up after a big win and saw half the building empty, it certainly wouldn't be inspiring to me.

The concept of leaving early is so stupid it amazes me, especially when these people are leaving mere minutes before the end of the game.  What are you saving, twenty minutes?  What are you even going to do with those twenty minutes?  Masturbate?  Surf the internet?  Sleep?  Are those twenty minutes really that valuable to you that you can't be bothered to see the end of a hockey game that you paid $50+ for?  If I'm sitting in the crowd, then no one has any excuses.  I don't live in Buffalo, I live in Syracuse which is two hours away.  Which means on weeknights when I have to work the following day, I don't get home until midnight at the earliest.  If I'm not leaving early, no one should.

That so many fans left Wednesday night's game early was kind of disgusting.  "Hey Terry, thanks for buying the Sabres and giving us what we've always wanted. Too bad we're fickle assholes."

I certainly hope that somewhere on Pegula's to do list is making spending twenty minutes in HSBC Arena preferable to beating traffic.  Some of that has to do with the product on the ice, yes, but Wednesday night's game was a victory.  The product on the ice wasn't the issue.  The quality of fans were.

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  1. Every person that left early last night should be completely ashamed of themselves. You're going to be stuck in traffic regardless if you get out of there, chill out, seat down, and enjoy the atmosphere if the game isn't enjoyable.