Friday, February 18, 2011

Jersey Fouls

This post was inspired by the following jersey:

I have a hard time finding a definitive place to stand in regards to jersey fouls. Probably the worst is when a fan has a jersey from a certain year with a player's name on it that never played in that jersey, like a red and black Lindy Ruff jersey. That one pisses me off because it's just stupidity.

Admittedly, I am annoyed by those that put their own name on the back of their jersey, I think that's a little juvenile. But at the same time I can't get too mad since it's their money and they can do what they want with it, and if having their name on a jersey if fun for them, then so be it.

This whole thought process was spurred on by a tweet by Bill Hoppe of the Olean Newspaper during the Sabres - Maple Leafs game about how fans who point along with Sabres anthem singer Doug Allen are "tools." I took exception to that, not because I occasionally point along with Dougie, but because I don't see the point in railing against something that is harmless and makes the experience more enjoyable. Doug Allen is unique, and his renditions of O' Canada and The Star Spangled Banner are unique, and if fans want to share in that, then fine. That's the stance I'm trying to take with "jersey fouls."

That having been said, I think some jersey fouls are hilarious and I will document and enjoy them as much as possible. And I think some are unforgivable (sewing two different teams together for example) and fall outside the realm of being okay.

Which brings me back to the Pegula jersey above. I have much less of a problem with it than the shirt that has Pegula replacing the word Sabres on the front. Pegula may be a great owner, and exactly what we need, but the concept that should rise above everything else is that of the team, and replacing that for any reason is sacrelige.

I will say that I think that the use of the purchase price of the Sabres is a little stupid.  I myself have suggested the appearance of a #11 Pegula jersey.  I understand how some people can be a bit critical of the mania surrounding Pegula, after all, he has done absolutely nothing but throw out a few decent quotes, but I'm perfectly okay with showing appreciation for members of the organization that never touch the ice.  Because let's be honest, we do love some of these people, and there is no real way to show that appreciation.  I kind of see it like buying a Jeanneret jersey and putting a #71 on it (or even like buying a Ruff jersey).

So in short, I'm fine with the jersey...but purchase price?  What the fuck were you thinking dude?

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