Friday, February 11, 2011

Friends' First Moments

I've been rolling around the idea of doing this post for a while, detailing my first memories of meeting each of my friends, and I think I finally will.  Despite being an introvert and somewhat of a dick, I have a lot of friends, so if I fail to mention you it probably just means I forgot or got lazy...or I secretly hate you and mail your family antrhax on rainy saturday afternoons.

Beth - This is the one that inspired this entry, because our first "meeting" was so bizarre.  I had been a member of the Buffalo Sabres Message Boards for about a year and knew a bunch of members well enough to call them by their first names, text them, etc.  So I was watching a Sabres - Senators game at my girlfriend's house and texting Beth updates because she was at work (I think).  At one point during the game, Jarkko Ruutu bit Sabres winger Andrew Peters and I texted Beth.  A short time later I get a phone call and the first words this girl says to me are "What, Ruutu bit Peters?"  Awesome.

Phil and Melissa - Another message board friend, he was in Syracuse visiting his girlfriend when we decided to meet up and watch the game together.  So I traveled out to Tully's in Cicero and approached the jailbait hostess (seriously it must be a law for chain restaurants to put a max age of 17 on their hostesses) and was like "I'm looking for..."  *sees giant Phil waving across the room in his Lydman jersey* "never mind."

Dehaas - While at Clarkson I posted often on a campus-wide forum called the Daily Jolt, on which the atmosphere was a blend of 4chan's douchebaggery with youtube commenter's intelligence.  Being both smart and prone to controversy, I was among the least popular members there.  (I would need a calculator to count the number of times I was told to kill myself.)  Dehaas was another relatively unpopular member owing partially to his position as an RA. We didn't actually end up meeting until my Sophomore year, most likely through my current RA at the time.  It was one of those "ooohh, you're that kid" moments.

Lee - I met Lee through Dehaas playing football at Walker Center, the old hockey arena at Clarkson.  Ironically Lee was the one person I had trouble covering even though he was much slower than myself due to his ability to use his size to get positioning on me.

Juliane and Bonnie - It was a random weekday and my then roommate Jacob and myself noticed two girls wandering aimlessly up and down our hall.  They seemed confused/lost so we invited them in.  Turns out they were random girls from nearby SUNY Potsdam entertaining themselves while their friend got triple penetrated and gangbanged or something.  So we invited them in since the majority of our floor was sketchy/smelly and played Mario Kart with them.

Ariel - I also met Ariel through the Sabres boards, but I wound up webcamming with her long before we met face to face.  She was a young freshman at UB, up early (from her home in Maryland) and in need of companionship so I used my studliness to answer the call.  Sadly, I can never meet her again because she'll probably kill me for writing that.

Rutledge (John) - The call came from a random car on Scott Street in Buffalo, "I see Alex!"  "Who do I see?"  I replied.  "Rutledge!"  Good to know.  Due to my frequent posting on the Sabres Message Boards and my (then) relatively rare red jersey, I was spotted a couple times by people I had never met before.

Nick (Rud) - Rud came up to me, I want to say after the Sabres clinched the division against NYR last year, said something unintelligible and shook my hand.  I was somewhat confused until I realized that he is/was a poster from the boards whose username is Run.  Mystery solved.

Shelby - I met Puck Over the Glass author Shelby at the Sabres - Sharks game on December 9th.  She was just past the corner on my end of the rink across the ice so I could see her while she was texting her and informed her of this.  (I'm creepy like that.)  She looked behind her up the steps, to which I told her to look the over way, which prompted her to look to her left, also behind her (...).  Finally I gave her my section number and started waving like an idiot.  Sweet.

Michelle - Twas freshamn year and Billings and I had become friends with a girl named Courtney basically because Courtney was a whore, and Billings attracts more whores than coke in Miami.  Two doors down from Courtney on the same floor was a girl named Michelle.  While in calc, Billings and I noticed Courtney sitting with her floor, and among them Michelle.  The prevailing thought was "that girl is hot, therefore we should get to know her."  Which is apparently pretty good logic since Michelle is one of the nicest people I know and one of my best friends.

Mel - No words necessary:

Melissa - A fellow Sabres fan and twitterite, my sister and I were actually about six feet behind her on one of the HSBC escalators on the way to meet up with her, Phil, and other Sabres bloggers/tweeters.  I was positive it was her, but "hey are you that person I know from the internet?" didn't strike me as the best opening line of conversation.

Caroline and Laura - Unfortunately I don't have a good story for either Caroline or Laura.  I think I first spotted Caroline randomly at HSBC arena during a game.  Her blonde hair makes her pretty easy to pick out of a crowd.  Laura I know I met at my first meet and greet.  She brought her mom, gutsy call since hanging out with the message board folks can be harrowing.

Jay and Tom - I honestly have no idea.  My first clear memory of Jay and Tom is the Party in the Plaza which happened less than a year ago.  (My memory sucks.)  Tom had a light up goal light that would have been fun to forcibly insert into a Bruins fan's anus (or the fat bitch that chirped him outside the arena).  Probably the best memory is heckling Melvin Dorta of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs at a Bisons game last year.  My friends are at their best when they have other fans to yell at.

And I'm getting lazy now, so I'm finished.


  1. Wow, the story of how we met really makes me feel like an idiot, haha.