Monday, January 24, 2011

NHL Should Throw Book at Nabokov

In case you missed it, former Sharks goaltender Evgeni Nabokov basically told the Islanders that they sucked too much for his talents and should go screw off.  While I find this assessment of the Islanders to be both true and hilariously honest, I want the league to come down hard on Nabokov.

I feel that allowing a player too much leeway in dictating where they want to play sets a bad precedent and is bad for the NHL.  What's to stop a player from shunning Buffalo or Edmonton because he doesn't like the cities, or Atlanta, Florida, or Carolina because their fans don't show up, or Montreal because they disagree politically with Quebecois?  Furthermore, in a league where the goal is parity, teams like the Islanders need to be able to dig themselves out of the hole they're in with players like Nabokov.  That's how the system should work.

It just doesn't do for the NHL to have an unappealing team like the Islanders continue to suck in the largest market in the country.  Considering how popular the sport is in the United States, it doesn't really benefit the NHL for any team to suck for an extended period of time like the Islanders have for the past five years.

Now I know what people are going to say.  Garth Snow is a bit of an ass for pulling this, especially with Rick Dipietro on the team (because he's reliable), and it's true.  But allowing a guy like Nabokov to run roughshod over GMs and coaches is starting down a dangerous path.  Although considering the level of honor among NHL ranks, the problem might work itself out as coaches find themselves unwilling to deal with an ego like Nabokov's.

Wait, Avery is still around.  Crap.


  1. It's funny that both Avery and (perhaps) Nabokov are involved with teams in the NYC area too. I just find irony in that.

    On the otherhand, I hope the league does something about this too.


    this isnt the first time this has happened. Eric Lindros did the same thing to Quebec(?) when he was drafted and refused to play until he was traded.

    Nabakovs problem is that hes going through waivers and as far as i know cant be moved for a certain amount of time. the Islanders do have an ace though. they can petition the NHL to roll Nabakovs contract over so it wont kick in until he plays for them. that includes going into next season.

    players not going to teams isnt anything new in any sport.