Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Incompatible Weird

I don't think I need to tell many of the people that read this that I am a strange individual.  I pride myself on being unique, on thinking outside the box, and at times, being too much to handle for some people.  Predictably, I tend to be attracted to similar people, those that most of society might label as "weird."

It's almost like a secret code.  You are nuts!  We speak the same language.  I expect to get along with other unique and eccentric people since we tend to share a similar inability (or lack of desire) to fit into common settings.  We do tend to have a lot in common, introversion, a predilection towards nerdy things, intelligence, and a curiosity about the world and those things lead to getting along.

It's always annoying to be when I meet someone who is against the norm.  Like, 'we speak the same language, why are you so irritating?'  I have a friend (no one that reads this blog) who is very strange.  And I tend to like strange...but I do not like her.  I find her to be illogical (major turn off) and obnoxious.  It's puzzling to me because in a way she is cute and quirky and weird in a lot of the ways I like...but I definitely do not like her.  Basically, she's kind of like Bjork.

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