Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Game that Got Me Dumped

I have tickets to next week's Sabres - Hurricanes game on January 13th, which brings back memories of the first time I saw the Carolina Hurricanes.  The game that got me dumped.

The year was 2009, and the date of the game in question was February 15th, one week before Miller would sustain a devastating injury that effectively eliminated the Sabres from playoff contention.  I was one week removed from having taken my then girlfriend Samantha on a trip to NYC for our three-year anniversary (which was Feb. 12th).  It had cost around $1,000 altogether between the $300 a night luxury hotel room to cab fare, train fare, meals, and a few choice outfits I bought her for my entertainment.

Samantha was a freshman at RPI at the time, so seeing each other and taking a trip was kind of a big deal since we rarely got to see each other.  Perfectly okay with me since I was six months into my first real job and worried about paying off my ridiculous college loans.  Now, you might notices that those particular dates fall close to a certain male maligned holiday.  Surprisingly, Valentines Day wasn't the issue with what unfolded.  I ordered some bouquet of fruit from Edible Arrangements, got some flowers and had it shipped to her dorm, whatever.  As a guy, I'm torn on the concept of Valentines day.  On one hand, I think it's stupid, but on the other, my girlfriend and I always got each other pretty nice gifts, and present giving holidays are awesome.  Win some, lose some.

Anyways, like I said, that wasn't the issue.  About three days before said February 15th, Samantha asked me if I would come to her sorority formal on...February 9 PM.  Now you may not be a geography expert...or a hockey expert, but I don't think I need to tell you how impossible it is to make a 9 PM formal in Albany, and a 7PM hockey game in Buffalo on the same night.  (Hint: completely impossible.)  Three days might be a mis-memory, but it was definitely less than a week of notice for me to flush/give away $70 tickets, travel 3 hours to see her, and handle plans for eating, lodging, blah, blah, blah.

I have no idea what the hell she was trying to pull in giving me such short notice.  I think it was one of those bullshit games women play where she was hoping the lack of ready time would make it easier for her to get me to cave into a bad decision, i.e. going to the lame ass sorority formal with a bunch of skanks and moronic college kids to partake in an activity (dancing) that I loathe.  (Note: WORST STRATEGY EVER to try on someone who likes to plan things out.  Way to make use of that three years getting to know me, bitch.  You could have at least tried a smart tactic.)  It was a conundrum.  What did I do?

What the hell do you think I did?

I went to the game with my sister.  It was a horrible game, Cam Ward shut us out 3-0, my sister's second shutout in her first three games, and I wound up apologizing to her for the Sabres after the game.  And yet it was still between nine and ∞ (ASCII codes ftw) times more fun than a stupid sorority formal.

One week later the Sabres were out of a goaltender, and I was out of a girlfriend.  Good riddance.  Now I know that the game wasn't the sole reason she dumped me.  Even she was not enough of a crazy bitch to destroy three years of relationship because of one day.  We hadn't been getting along for a while, we didn't mesh together as people, she was too dumb and boring for me, she became an alcoholic, and if I were to describe her picture of mental sanity, it would be a Picasso sent through a wood chipper.  But for every breakup there is a tipping point when you decide that it is no longer worth it to be with your partner, and I am positive that this game was that point for her.  Awesome.

Thank you Sabres for ridding me of a human being that is now a walking herpes sore!  (And people wonder why I cut the team and the front office a lot of slack.)

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  1. It's okay, Thomas Vanek was ultimately the reason why my ex broke up with me (I already gave you that story) SO. The Sabres know how to rid terrible people in our lives. Thanks, Sabres.