Sunday, January 2, 2011

Episodic Story Update

Alright, so I've been putting together several pages worth of notes for this, and I think I'm getting pretty close to the point where I can actually begin writing.  A few quick hits as to what the series will be about:

  • The setting will be in present day New York City.  At first I thought that the juxtaposition of fantasy and the modern world would be too weird, but the society didn't really fit in an older time period.  Plus I like some of the ideas I have for fitting this society into a modern world.
  • Lena Marov, a bisexual succubus will be the main character, but I do not think the story will follow her exclusively.
  • I'm going to have seven races, Humans, Vampires, Lycans, Dark Elves, Succubi/Incubi, Elemental Nymphs, and Shapeshifters.
  • There will also be a caste system, Power Doms, Doms, Switches, Power Subs, Subs, and Slaves.
  • There will be a sort of underworld government/leadership with rules and obligations that relate to each of the races and the caste that each individual fits into.  Many of the rules will tie in cloesly to those found in real life BDSM relationships.
  • I still do not have a title.  Should probably get on that.
There is more, of course, but I'm going to let the rest be revealed through the story.  I don't have a timeline as to when the first episode will be posted, or regarding the frequency of posts.  All I can say at this point is, soon.

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  1. Pfft, you don't need a title until you finish the story. I remember when I wrote, I always had troubles with the titles and waited until the very end.