Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A little different from sexcapades, these stories won't have any of the juicy illicit details that the afore mentioned capades have had.

The date was 2004 and I was dating a girl we will refer to as Ann.  I was seventeen at the time and had just gotten my license, so the concept of dating had transformed for me.  For our first date, I went to pick Ann up at her house to take her to a movie.  It was (obviously) my first time going to her house so my mom wanted me to call when I got there to ensure I wasn't hopelessly lost.  I didn't remember until I was inside talking with Ann and her father.  This produced an interesting revelation.  Her father was confused.

"Where is his mother?" Dad asked.
"At home," Ann responded.
"So how are you getting to the movie?"
"He's driving me..."

"Oh..." he replied.

I have to give him a lot of credit.  Having the fact that your daughter is going to be riding off with an idiot seventeen year old suddenly revealed has to be both shocking and worrying.  But he didn't freak out, or insist on driving us, or make her stay home, he just let us go.  Of course he watched us drive off from the front porch with binoculars and lojacked my car with GPS tracking, but he was calm about it.  (Note: some of that may be a fabrication.)

Whatever, he was a mild mannered little Norweigan man and he wasn't going to do anything to me.

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  1. Those Norwegians...
    I couldn't even be trusted to take my ex anywhere, but her dad REALLY hated my guts.