Friday, December 24, 2010

Yet Again, Donovan McNabb Should Shut the Hell Up

When it was 2004/2005 and the whole T.O. saga was taking place, I commented that McNabb should stop being a whiney bitch and work on making himself a better football player (which is all T.O. wanted him to do anyways).

Then when the Eagles drafted Kevin Kolb a few years back, there was much noise from the McNabb camp about how insulting the draft pick was.  McNabb should have shut the hell up then too.  The NFL is a business, and a more cutthroat one than most.  It's pretty easy to tell who is trying to take your job and what you need to do to make that not happen (work harder).

Now Super Bowl puking McNabb is embroiled in a bitter feud with Mike Shanahan, coach of the Redskins, who as far as I know didn't throw up in any Super Bowls.  The whole ordeal started a few weeks ago when Shanahan benched McNabb for the final two minutes of the game because McNabb is probably the worst quarterback to run a two minute offense not named Edwards or Losman.  Seriously, the guy is something like 2-16 on attempted game-winning drives.  McNabb eventually got his job back because his replacement was Rex Grossman and...well...yeah.  But Shanahan has decided he's had enough and put the kibosh on McNabb for the remainder of the season.  Predictably, McNabb and his agent are complaining.

Look, McNabb is old, he's never been accurate, and certainly never been a good pressure quarterback.  McNabb should stop talking about feeling "disrespected" and start talking about feeling ashamed that he didn't work harder to address his glaring weakness as a quarterback.  But that's not how Donovan McNabb works.  He's always been the one to point the finger elsewhere instead of at himself when things weren't working out.  It's probably one of the reasons that Philly let him go.  Now that he's older and his physical abilities are deteriorating, the fact that he's refused to do the little things to make up for that deterioration will send his career down the drain in a hurry which has me pretty happy because I always hated the guy anyways.

Unfortunately McNabb is not likely to go quietly into the twilight of his career and we'll probably be hearing from him (and his agent) a lot in the coming weeks.  Great...I can't wait until the race-card gets played again...

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