Sunday, December 19, 2010

Skankarella Update

Yesterday I finished Skankarella.  It came in at 132 pages single spaced, and around 60,000 words, somewhere between a 150-200 page novel which is exactly what I expected.  The Cinderella fairy tale is fairly insubstantial so I knew that even with my meatier plot, it was still going to be relatively short.  Looking through it real quick as I began the first edit, I'm realizing it's a little thin, so it will probably wind up around 65-70,000 words.  I'm going to run through it once doing some hand edits, correct them, shore up the parts that need it and give it to a few people to read.

If you'd like to read it and I haven't already asked you, let me know.  I understand that people don't necessarily have the time, or the desire to read a full novel in its early stages within a short span (by an unpublished author) and I understand that so don't feel like you need to read it.  But if you ask to read it as a raw piece of work, I'll be expecting you to finish relatively quickly, and legitimate comments.  If you ask for it, and 'can't get to it,' or something like that and never end up reading it, I'll call you on it repeatedly and with vulgarity and most likely murder you, your entire family and everyone in your town with the same color hair.  Just FYI.

This might be my best chance yet at getting something published.  Gay and Lesbian fiction is selling pretty well right now, and I feel like this is my best written work to date and possibly the novel with the chance to be the most influential.

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