Friday, December 31, 2010

Skankarella: Query Letter

    Madison Roper is Skankarella, a shy purple haired pixie trapped under the oppressive thumb of her religious stepmother and whatever tortures her morally and cranially vacant stepsisters can devise.  She dreams of a day when her artistic talents are accepted and appreciated rather than trashed and debased and her homosexuality doesn't have to be her dirty little secret.

    Julia Prince is a tomboyish and athletic freshman at the University of Kansas.  Pushed towards an engineering major by a father that always wanted a son, and towards a stereotypical boy-chasing feminine life by a mother who wants 'another one of the girls,' Julia is often frustrated as her clandestine desires to both write for a living and date women mean she will inevitably be a disappointment.

    The collision course the girls are on with one another begins with a whimper as they innocuously meet while shopping for groceries.  Brushing off the encounter, neither realizes the others' instant affections.  However a mutual love of comic books and a release party in their small town for the latest issue of the Uncanny X-Men has them hurtling towards each other once again.

    The two take different paths to the release, as Madison requires help from an old friend, Fagan, also a fairy in orientation, and Julia emphatically discloses her sexuality to her stunned parents as she storms out of her house.  However both wind up together in costume, and after some flirting, in each others' arms as their affections are realized.  Unfortunately Shirley, Madison's dogmatic stepmother, interrupts their rendezvous leaving Julia with nothing more than Madison's first name, and her sketchbook with which to find her.

    A chance encounter with one of the Uncanny X-Men's creators finds Julia with a unique opportunity to pursue a career as a graphic novelist.  Unfortunately half of what she's used to secure the opportunity, Madison's immaculate artwork and her role as Julia's illustrator, is a lie.  With the chance to do what she's always wanted for a living within her grasp, Julia sets out on a ferocious flyer campaign to discover the identity, location, and a few more intimate details about Madison.

    The obstacles they face are numerous and steep; they know nothing about each other, Madison's evil stepmother is willingly, and Julia's well-meaning but ignorant parents are unwillingly standing in their way while the disapproving eyes of rural Kansas look down upon them.  Nevertheless, the two are determined to find each other.  There is nothing that can stop Julia from finding the one known as Skankarella, and even less that can keep Madison from her Prince.

    Skankarella is a 65,000 word adaptation of the Cinderella fairy tale with the notable difference that both dashing Prince, and fair maiden...are women.  Currently twenty-four years old, I have been writing fantasy since the age of fifteen.  Skankarella is the fourth work I have completed and the third I am attempting to query.  Should Skankarella interest you, the completed manuscript is available upon request.

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