Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Skankarella Excerpt

A short excerpt from Skankarella; the first meeting of Skankarella and her Prince:  (This will also be found in the "Current Projects" page.)

She found her eyes driving downward to the backside that only a life of sports could bring. The long gym shorts covered a bit too much for Madison's liking as she willed her eyes to see right through them. The conversation between mother and daughter faded away as Madison tried to covertly study the rest of the girl.

She was taller, something Madison had always found attractive, and subtlely masculine, another plus for the girl. Her broad shoulders and wiry arms looked like they'd be a perfect haven of security for Madison in another life and her ordinary brown ponytail was somehow alluring and irresistibly sexy. It could have been because Madison wanted to grab it and pull the girl closer as their lips-

"Holy shit, sorry!" Madison jumped back so hard she nearly tumbled to the floor over her own feet. She found herself looking into the very eyes of the girl she'd been ogling. The brunette, who was just as attractive from the front as she had been from the back couldn't possibly have known what she was thinking, but Madison felt like a kid who'd been caught reaching into a forbidden cookie jar. If Shirley knew...

The girl untangled her cart from Madison's. "Are you alright?" she asked.

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