Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Save Us Terrence!

The Buffalo Sports world has been torn asunder by the apparently very real chance that Billionaire Terrence Pegula is moving forward to buy the Buffalo Sabres.

Kate Bitz is feeling silly.
The Goose's Roost is a bit stunned.
Shutdown Pair is keeping things simple.
Caroline likes what she sees.
and Shelby is still on hiatus.

How does A Criminally Vulgar Blog feel?

Let's see...Pegula is a Sabres fan, with ties to the area.  He also happens to have a huge interest in hockey and is a former season ticket holder.  Oh yeah, and he's twice as rich as Golisano.

What part of that isn't awesome?  Answer: None.

All of this has me thinking about Tom Golisano.  It's not so much that he's been a bad owner...he's just not one of us.  Golisano's ownership style has been rather aloof, especially in a market where the fans have a certain attachment to their team beyond what a New York City or a Los Angeles might have.  Still, having said that (and it seems most fans agree), the city of Buffalo owes a huge thank you to BTG.  Without Golisano, it's very likely that we don't even have this conversation because we don't even have a team.  His importance to this organization, and to us, rivals that of the Knoxes.

So a fond farewell and a hearty thank you to Tommy G.  To Terrence P...let's do this.

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