Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rare Moment: Disagreeing with The Goose's Roost

I listen to the Roostcasts over at TGR pretty regularly and for the most part I find myself nodding my head a lot.  However today, Corey Griswold said something that I don't quite agree with.  He pointed out that Buffalonians are sensitive when it comes to outsiders making fun of their city, which is completely true.  It's his criticism of that fact that I don't quite agree with.  Emerson Etem, an American player on the World Juniors Team called Buffalo a ghost town and said it was worse than Medicine Hat.  The response the Buffalo crowds at the World Junior Championship tournament was to boo one of their own guys every time he touched the puck.

Corey had a bit of an issue with this, and I do not, and I'll tell you why (it is my blog after all and telling you things is kind of what I do).  Buffalonians are well aware of the problems that the city has, so being told by some asshat who just wants to sit on a pedestal and take shots while they don't have to actually deal with any of those issues on a daily basis is annoying at best.  And Buffalonians have a connection to their city beyond most people.  For many, the city is like family.  Sure, it's okay for you to make fun of your family members' alcohol problems and other issues because you have that kind of relationship, but when an outsider calls your dad a boozed up piece of shit or your sister a slut (to use a few examples), you're not going to take kindly to those comments.  You might punch that guy in the face. 

Or you might boo Emerson Etem.

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  1. A lot of people (who live outside of Buffalo) were saying that booing Etem was bullshit. No in fact, it isn't, because I'm pretty damn sure if someone was insulting YOUR city you would do the same thing. No matter what.