Sunday, December 26, 2010

Potentially Starting a New Writing Project

This blog entry has been brought to you without proofreading by laziness.

One of the stories that I read and enjoy consistently online is Tales of MU by Erin Alexander.  The world is fairly broad and difficult to explain, but to simplify it follows a freshman non-human (demon) student, Mackenzie Blaise in her first year at Magesterius University, a school in which various magical skills are taught.  The story follows Mackenzie through her trials as a freshman as she faces challenges such as discrimination (being of a select group of non-human students), coping with her blossoming sexuality, and coming to terms with her ancestry.

The story tends to fall halfway between regular magical fantasy, with all the popular characters, elves, kobold, humans, gnomes, dwarves, etc. and erotica as Mackenzie's sexuality is explored.  One of the reasons I enjoy it as erotica is because it touches on a few BDSM-related themes such as D/s lifestyles, and spanking.  But the story isn't run by erotica delving into sex maybe once every three or four installments.

Anyways, the reason I am explaining all of this is because I'd like to do something similar.  I'm not really sure what at this point, but I like the idea of creating a setting and a few characters and basically running with it indefinitely, updating every week or so.  I also don't know where I would host the stories, if they would merely be regular updates on this blog, or if I would want to create something separate.  There are pros and cons to both.  Hosting them on A Criminally Vulgar blog is the easiest of the two options and they would merely fit in among the regular entries, searchable by the tags.  Posting them on their own blog would give the story a brand of its own, and make the episodes easier to read through in succession (although readers would be able to do that using the search tool on A CV blog anyways).

Then there's the question of the setting, the theme, the characters, and so on.  I probably don't have to tell anyone that sex will figure heavily into the series, as will themes of BDSM.  I would probably end up borrowing a lot of ideas from The Vengeance Series, a collection of pornographic bondage themed stories.  They're a bit too focused on the sex and not enough on the characters or the story (which is thin anyways) than what I'd like to accomplish with this particular series.

So the ideas...  It definitely has to be a setting in which there are a lot of things to explore, both in terms of the area itself, and in terms of paths for each of the characters.  Tales of MU takes place in college giving the author thousands of people, a campus and a nearby town to work with.  Likewise there are several conflicts for Alexander to explore.  Mackenzie and the other non-human students' fight to be treated as equals and Mackenzie's fight against her own modesty as she is exposed to a sexual world.  That's the real difficulty, I think, is having a big enough setting so there are that many avenues down which to travel.

Right, I was going to run through a few of my half-formed ideas in that last paragraph.

  • My first idea was to basically have a BDSM protocol school in which women are taught how to be properly submissive, but I feel that's a bit too constricting and I don't want to deal with only submissive women.  Because that's neither accurate, nor fun.
  • Then I got to thinking about a female dominated township, kind of similar to the one occasionally portrayed in oglaf's webcomic, but that runs me into the same problem.
  • So I kind of expanded my thinking into a realm where domination/submission plays an integral part of life, but I don't want to get too close to the Gor series.
Like I said, the ideas are pretty much half formed at this point, but I'm pretty sure they'll continue to grow into something much more encompassing and much more interesting.

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