Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Review of Cube Wars

Lulu lets me write a review for my own work.  Awesome.

This book is legitimately awesome. I feel readers will underrate the uses for a product like this. That would be a mistake. The paperback is a must have for its versatility:

  • Hours of entertainment. 
  • Legit melee bludgeoning weapon. 
  • Doorstop. -Projectile weapon. (arm to throw not included) 
  • Firewood. -Booster seat for a midget. 
  • You can buy 4,000 and make a small house. 
  • Killed less trees than Twilight. 
  • Killed less babies than Twilight. (estimation) 
  • Killed less of the vampire genre than Twilight. 
  • Less Deus ex Machina than Harry Potter. (Just kidding! Maybe) 
  • Won't try to convert you to its religion. (Cube Warsism) 
  • May accidentally convert you to its religion anyways. (Sorry)

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