Monday, December 27, 2010

Derek Roy is Dead (Not Really)

Jumping off of what Shelby said earlier today over at Puck Over the Glass (glasscast?) about the Derek Roy injury.  She said that it will be interesting to see how various players step up without the leading scorer on the team in the lineup and I share her sentiments.

I'm not happy about the Roy injury, and I think it might be the worst blow the club has faced this season, but it's a fact, and as a fan, I'm interested to see how the players will respond to that fact.  With Roy out, that makes our centers Connolly (when healthy), Ennis, Hecht, Niedermayer, Gaustad, and McCormick, which seems like a recipe for disaster.  But who knows?!  It could work!  I totally called the Sekera - Myers pair being awesome based on the logic that they were both sucking and that perhaps two negatives would make a positive, as they can in math (totally legitimate logic by the way).  And it worked!

What I see in the second half of the season, especially with Rivet proving that he's only a coin flip to play over Chris Butler or Mike Weber on any given night, is 47 games that can basically be a 'Thomas Vanek for Captain' tryout.  There is no question now.  Tim Connolly sucks, Tyler Ennis is talented, but young, and Drew Stafford is Drew Stafford, and Jason Pominville is a ghost town.  Vanek is the man.  He's the only guy that can be an offensive force every night (not buying it Stafford), and he's the only guy that can pile up goals without much help.

I think with Roy out, we're going to see Vanek with the puck more rather than him simply watching a teammate bring it into the zone and setting up shop in front of the net.  I don't know if Vanek has ever really been utilized this way, at least not since the Roy - Max - Vanek line was piling up points from 2005-2007.  It will be interesting to see and it should do a few things.  Convince a few Sabres fans that hey, this guy is pretty damn good, and boost Vanek's confidence (and hopefully simultaneously his point totals).

No sense in crying over spilled Roy, we're sailing in this leaky boat one way or another.  Let's see what happens.

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  1. GLASSCAST! I think I like it. It should have a trademark. Thanks for the idea. :D

    I'm sick of people freaking out over this but hopefully, this does mean that other guys will stand up and fill Roy's role. It begins tonight.