Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CV Deals with an Internet Scammer

 So, in using a few online dating sites, I occasionally come across scammers that are trying to get you to click on malware, trick you out of your credit card number, whatever.  This is one of those  (and yes it was a BDSM site which accounts for some of the language):
Ms Anne: hi baby how are you and where you from?
CV: good from upstate ny
Ms Anne: ok baby i will give you free live show ok?
CV: that depends, do you have coleslaw?
Ms Anne: yes i do
Ms Anne: ok listen
Ms Anne: i will give you my card
CV: really?
Ms Anne: so you can access me for free ok?
CV: what kind of coleslaw?
Ms Anne: are u slave or what
CV: what color, is it pink?
Ms Anne: ur asking many question
CV: tell me you have pink coleslaw
Ms Anne: yellow and pink
CV: so where do i get this live cam show?
Ms Anne: ok hun click this link then click JOIN FOR FREE
Ms Anne: (link)

Ms Anne: when you are in the signup page tell me so i can give u details
CV: okay
CV: ill do it if you tell me you have a penis
Ms Anne: i dont have lol
CV: just tell me you do though
Ms Anne: yes i do
CV: you do what?
CV: tell me in those words that you have a penis
Ms Anne: bye
CV: please?
Ms Anne: i give u show
Ms Anne: if u dont want its ok
CV: im clicking through now
Ms Anne: ok
CV: just tell me you have a penis
Ms Anne: yes i have a penis

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