Sunday, November 28, 2010

Writing Updates: Past Present and Future

Figured I'd give a rundown of where I'm at with everything since a few people have been asking.


The Chosen - My vampire novel.  The Chosen has been finished since the beginning of the year and is being queried.  (For those that don't know, the process for getting something published begins with sending a query letter to prospective agents.)  I have an agent currently looking at sample chapters, but have not heard anything back yet.

Arnett Tanner Wants to Die - ATWtD is about a world in which physical death is medically cured and legally outlawed and a man, Arnett Tanner, who wishes to end his tedious life.  I finished ATWtD about a month ago, maybe longer and began querying.  A few weeks ago I ended up adding another chapter and am continuing with the querying process.  For this novel, I also have an agent who is currently reading sample chapters, but I have not heard back from them yet.

Cube Wars - CW is about a war that takes place in an office building.  Yes, I am serious, no the plot is not serious.  I finished edits this past week and took the steps necessary to self-publish through  The book is available for purchase on the sidebar to the right.  I have made the necessary adjustments to make the book available on Barnes and Nobles' website (and in stores if requested) but those won't go into effect until I receive a physical copy of the book (currently shipping) and approve it.  Even so the only differences are that the retail (second) edition has an official title page and copyright page.

Correction:  CW teaser and purchase link available in the appropriate page at the top.

Near Future:
Since Cube Wars is finished, I am moving on to the next two things down the wire.

Taro Says is a Sabres related book proposal that I have done some work on already.  I need to do a little research to figure out who to present the proposal (when finished) to whether it's an agent, the Buffalo Sabres, or the NHL.  I'm keeping it largely under wraps until I have a bit more direction, but a few people know what the content will be.  Writing this will require a large amount of fan input, so you can expect many updates on this in the future.

Skankarella/Gotharella will be the next fictional work I write.  It will be a modern take on the classic Cinderella fairy tale featuring an outcast and societally undesirable title character.  I feel like the Disney story is valueless and that the basic moral is "pretty girls marry princes."  Using the judgmental step-family, I want my story to focus on how it is perfectly acceptable to be different.

I ordered the Disney movie on DVD for research purchases.  I thought about going to wal-mart and buying it along with a barbie doll, a six pack of Bud Light, condoms, and lube just to fuck with the cashier but I don't need to be on any internet watch lists

Far Future:

Succubus Story (half formed ideas have shitty titles) will feature a Succubus (essentially a sex vampire) as the main character (go figure).  I have about a page worth of notes, mainly on Succubus mythology so the idea is very undeveloped at this point.  I am fairly certain that the Succubus will be a lesbian, and that she will have a fetish for menstrual blood (yum).

Kissing Ellen King has been "next on the list" for some time, but I keep putting off.  The story has been difficult to write because it is essentially autobiographical, but I do actually have a chapter outline and a few pages written.  I have literally volumes of notes, just having trouble finding the right voice.

I have a vague idea for a sort of chase novel.  I can't really elaborate much more than that.  One party will be fleeing and the other attempting to hunt them down, but I don't know why, or even which is the protagonist.  The idea stems from wanting to do something that takes the characters to several different locales.

A Zombie short story may be written between or while working on any of the above.  Because zombies are fucking awesome.

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