Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why Aren't They the Los Angeles Jaguars Yet?

A quickie since I'm on a sports binge here.

Jacksonville's Stadium EverBank Tarpville or whatever the hell it's called seats 76,867 for football.  Or rather it's "expandable" to that capacity since apparently removing the tarps that the NFL lets them use to blanket seats constitutes "expansion."  Its current capacity (with tarps) is 67,164, or 87%.  For reference, 87% of the 73,097 seats at Buffalo's Ralph Wilson Stadium is 63,595 or 9,502 seats below capacity.

For this week's Bills - Lions game, the Bills are reporting that "a few thousand" tickets remain without giving the actual number.  I think it's safe to say that "a few" is less than 9,000.  Thus the Bills would be able to attain a tarpout like the Jaguars do.  (Did I mention they cover seats with fucking tarps yet?)

But it gets better.  The Jaguars don't need to actually sell out.  They merely need to hit a number that is "considered a sell out."  (I believe the Chargers have a similar exemption to the bakcout rule.)  That number is only 50,000 seats, or 65% of the total capacity of the stadium.  Whe the NFL allows for exemptions in Jacksonville (pop. 813,518)  and San Diego (pop. 1.4 million) and not Buffalo (pop. 270,240) is beyond me.

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