Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mike Shanahan, Racist?

No Basis for Racist Accusation

Sometime in the past few days (I have been unable to find the actual quote/article/newscast/whatever), John Feinstein with the Washington Post basically insinuated that Mike Shanahan is a racist for benching Donovan McNabb in favor of Rex Grossman in the waning moments of the Redskins' loss to Detroit.  Anyone who has seen a picture of Shanahan this year knows how off base those accusations are.  The man doesn't hate blacks...with that ridiculous tan, he's trying to be one of them!

In all seriousness, Feinstein claims that Shanahan was using "code words" to imply that McNabb is too stupid to run the two minute offense.  As several have pointed out, even if Shanahan thinks that, it doesn't make him a racist.  It might make him wrong, but far from donning a white sheet and burning crosses.  Even more confusing than that obvious disconnect is the fact that this is John Feinstein:

Quite simply put, this isn't a fight in which he has a personal stake.

But that isn't what has me confused over this issue.  Have you people seen Donovan McNabb run a two minute offense before?  It's like a toddler trying to operate a backhoe.  The fact that McNabb is something like 2-16 when leading a team from behind in the final two minutes of a game is exceedingly well known.  Do you want the Super Bowl puker running your two minute offense?

The most unbelievable part of this story isn't that Shanahan benched McNabb.  It isn't that he waffled over his justifications on why he chose that particular course of action.  The most shocking part is that he thought Rex fucking Grossman could do a better job.

We don't need to investigate the possibility that Shanahan is a racist.  We need to investigate the possiblity that he might be legally brain-dead.

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