Thursday, November 11, 2010

Michael Vick Makes the Eagles More Likable

When you read reports of the things that Vick has done for the Eagles, and you hear interviews where Andy Reid talks about Vick being best friends with Kevin Kolb, and Vick being one of the first guys in, and one of the last guys out of the film room, doesn't it make you a little happy?

Now look, I own cats and dogs, and I understand what Vick did.  There is a small part of me that will always remember how disgusting and vile dog fighting is, and make me distrust and dislike Vick for that.  But at the same time, Vick made a choice that too few scumbags make.  He made the choice to better himself, he made the choice to learn from his time, to seek rehabilitation, and to become a better person and a better teammate.  He's not scumming around like Maurice Clarett and robbing clubs, he's trying to become a productive member of society.  It's too bad every convict doesn't have Vick's attitude.

Contrast that with the dearly departed Donovan McNabb.  Now McNabb may have a leg up on Vick from the human being standpoint, but from a football standpoint it's night and day between McNabb and new Vick right?  McNabb showed up to the Super Bowl out of shape, feuded with T.O., whined when the Eagles drafted Kevin Kolb and was criticized several times for not being serious and not working hard enough.  Vick?  Best friends with Kevin Kolb!  Studious quarterback!  Hard worker!  It actually makes me want to stop hating the Eagles.

You never want to root for someone who did something on par with what Vick did with dogfighting.  But the way he's approached life after being released from prison has me pulling for him a little bit.  Don't you want more former convicts to do that?  Say, "you know what, I don't want to be a scumbag anymore, I want to be a good guy."  Granted, you never want them to be a convict to begin with, but isn't that attitude laudable?  I know there are people that will hate him forever, and that's their right.  Maybe that's justified.  I personally choose not to because I don't think mistakes (even big ones) ever make someone lost as a human being.

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