Friday, November 5, 2010

'I Was Right' Fans

If you're a sports fan, odds are you've had to interact with other fans of your team in one way or another, be it with your friends, at games, or on team message boards.  Unfortunately, not every fan of your sports team of choice can be as awesome as you are.  There are several classes of obnoxious douchebag fans, the worst of which is the 'I was right' fan.

You've encountered this guy (or girl!), probably more times than you'd care to.  They're the type of fan that has several dire predicitions at the beginning of each season, or before each game.  The team will underperform, the star quarterback will suck, the kicker will get leprosy, the goalie will go blind and the team will lose roughly 9,000 to nothing.  Or better yet, the season will be a disaster, those eight pro-bowlers will result in a 1-15 season, and the entire team will contract SARS and die.

If none of those things happen, great.  You'll never hear from the asshole again...until the next season when they will ignore the physical timestamped evidence of what an idiot they are and resume posting.

But if any of them do...ho...lee...shit.  You can expect a veritable piss bucket worth of "I told you sos,' and 'I was rights.'  It's almost as if the person cares more about their stupid little apocalypses (yeah I pluralized that word, fuck you) being fulfilled than they do about the actual welfare of the team they claim to root for.

These are the worst kind of fans because they aren't fans at all.  No one that thrives on their fellow fans being miserable is a supporter of any team.  They just delight in spreading misery to distract themselves from their own awful lives.

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