Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holy Shit, They Won!

I figured that since the Sabres won a game, and that might legitimately never happen again, I might as well write a post while the iron is hot.  I don't normally do game analyses or recaps, so this is probably going to be all over the place.

My initial reaction was that I was happy to see Enroth in tonight.  There was no real reason since I don't think he has proven to be significantly better than Patrick Lalime at this point, I was just like hey, Enroth, cool.  After tonight, I'm not sure you can say that anymore.  Yes, it is only one game, and it is the Toronto Maple Leafs, but that doesn't change the fact that Enroth played very well in net.  I don't know what kind of decision Ruff is going to make moving forwards, I just know I'm glad that's his job and not mine.

For some reason, at one point I decided that it would be amusing if teams could trade media for players.  My offer was the wonderful folks over at The Goose's Roost to Calgary for Iginla, and we'd take Lambert off their hands.  Several Sabres bloggers told me what a horribly lopsided deal that was.  I counter-offered with Bucky Gleason for Iginla + Lambert.  Much better.

I wasn't overly impressed with the game one way or the other.  They came out hot, cooled off in the second, and coughed up two goals by generally playing like crap.  I will say that it is probably one of the better games we've played on the rear end of back-to-backs (in recent memory anyways).  I could tell we were trying to play hockey, we just weren't doing a very good job of it.  At times it looked like eighteen Helen Kellers in blue and gold, and eighteen Stevie Wonders in blue and white.

After a while it seemed like we were going to again be the victim of retarded bounces as Grabovski scored off of one of our own defensemen and we just couldn't seem to put one in on Giguere, whose nickname is apparently seabass.  Wouldn't it be awsome if that caught on?  (Just like the Jordan Leopard!)

But then, out of the night came...JOCHEN HECHT!  Hecht banged in a pinball point shot from Steve Montador that looked oddly reminiscent of a crack addled squirrel.  Let's take a moment to clap for Steve Montador.  Pretty much no one liked the pick-up at the time, but over the past two years he's been remarkably solid.

I thought we looked great in the overtime and hoped we'd be able to skate away with a shootout-less win, but God hates me.  Early in the shootout, Phil from BBG wondered if we were better off with Lalime or Enroth in the shootout.  Now, I've seen Lalime in the shootout in person at least twice (Atlanta in 08-09 and Colorado in 09-10).  Watching Patrick Lalime in the shootout is kind of like watching a limbless goat try to procreate.  Possible in theory, but in practice...yeah.  I'd rather have one Jhonas Enroth than two Patrick Lalime's in the shootout even though I think the dimensions of two Patrick Lalimes would cover the entire net.

Lindy Ruff picked Thomas Vanek and Derek Roy to go in the shootout and then spun in circles and had his finger land on Jason Pominville.  Now Pominville usually isn't a bad choice for the shootout, but everyone in Buffalo was calling 63's number.  Pominville didn't score, Vanek did, Roy didn't, and then something beautiful happened.  The Maple Leafs fans made Tim Connolly feel right at home by BOOING THE CRAP OUT OF HIM.

This was a bad choice.  Confused that he didn't have three guys to try and skate through, Connolly instead attempted a drop pass at the top of the faceoff circles.  Then Tyler Ennis came up and Leafs fans started heading for the exits.  We all know the rest, but I'm going to tell it to you anyways.  Tyler Ennis came in, completed a voodoo deke that left J.S. Giguere so out of position he was back in Anaheim watching a Jonas with a different spelling totally outplay him.  With nothing to lose, Giguere put a stick into Ennis' legs so that the game winning goal looked at least ten times cooler.

My Three Stars:
*** Jochen Hecht - Thank you German hockey jesus.
** Jhonas Enroth - Must be good to get that first win.
* Tyler Ennis + Thomas Vanek - The stats say you both had pretty crappy games, but a win's a win, and you got it for us.

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