Tuesday, November 9, 2010

February 21st 2009, The Day I met Phil and THE WORST DAY EVER

Looking back and realizing that night was the first time I met Phil and Melissa, perhaps the "worst ever" title is a tad hyperbole.  But it was very bad.

I met Phil and Melissa (and her parents) at Tully's in Cicero to watch the Sabres game.  It was a lot of fun because they're all awesome people.  After her parents left we transitioned to Buffalo Wild Wings and celebrated the Sabres victory with shots of Tequila, which ended up mostly on my face.  (Note: not an all-star drinker).

Seems like a simple enough night and afterwards I headed home.  I called my then girlfriend Samantha because she had called me at some point during the night even though she knew where I was, what I was doing, and what the likelihood of a response was.  (I swear that girl was stupider than the things I put inside her.)  I realized the following day that her call was supposed to be the one in which she dumped me...right before going on a softball trip...on which she'd be unreachable.  (She was less courageous than the things I put inside her too apparently.)

But that's not what made it a crappy night.  On my way home, in my distraction, I didn't notice the vehicle following me suspiciously closely, nor was I aware of my speed.  Sure enough as I started to slow down, flashing lights came on and I got pulled over.  Realizing that my breath smelled of alcohol (or the fact that I was driving at ten at night on a Saturday) he decided to perform a field sobriety test.  This was no biggie and I passed easily (not even one beer and one shot three hours apart drunkifies my waifish form), but got saddled with a ticket that ended up being $185.

That also isn't what made it a crappy night though.  What made it a crappy night...what has it burned into my memory...Ryan Miller got injured, effectively killing the 2008-2009 season.  The girl was shitty anyways and I accept the $185 "idiot tax" for being involved with her and/or giving a shit about calling her when she was probably already doinking twelve other dudes.

But the Sabres...not the Sabres...never the Sabres...