Thursday, November 4, 2010

Describing My Cats' Personalities with Poorly Drawn Paint Pictures: Gizmo

This is Gizmo

Do not feed after midnight

Actually a video might be a better introduction:

The only reason Gizmo was in my room to begin with was so she would stop doing this:

(Meowing starts at 1:00) You don't have to watch the entire thing.  There's no reason to, just appreciate that this went on for about eight minutes, and that this is a daily occurrence.

Gizmo purrs CONSTANTLY.  Like a runaway vibrator.  It's part of the reason she's so annoying to have around.  Even when I had to bathe her (because her fur had gotten gross) and she was absolutely terrified of the water, she still purred.  (One of two cats that purred while receiving a bath.)

Gizmo also pees in the toilet.  Yes, I have video of this which I will try to get from my sister.  Personally I don't think this is a huge feat since Gizmo pees on a lot of things.  I figured sooner or later, by sheer odds, some of that pee was going to wind up in the toilet.

She also has a mortal enemy.

Gizmo is kind of the outcast of our cats.  No one likes her, no one lies by her, and most of them find her to be pretty annoying (because she is).  That's probably why she likes people so much.

Awwwwww.  (Not.)

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