Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Defense of Twitter

Ugh, I have to do this again?  Really?  You people are that stupid and that short-sighted that you can't see the benefits of a website like Twitter?  Guess so.

To be fair, Twitter isn't for everyone.  I can fully understand why someone (who understands its usefulness) wouldn't want to be on it.  There are other ways to get news and other ways to interact with people.  But seeing so many people bag on it, especially when they denounce it as a website devoted to flooding your friends with the minutiae of your daily life.

That's not what it is. Okay, for some people, that is what it is, and I will join the masses of Twitter haters in ridiculing those people.  But for others, Twitter is probably the most useful website on the internet.

I like hockey, I like movies, I like talking with my friends, I like actors and actresses, and I like writing.  I don't know of anywhere on the internet where I can combine those things...except Twitter.  But that's not all.  As a hockey fan, signings and big news fascinates me.  Tell me, what's a better option, scrolling through,, and Puck Daddy all day, or taking a glance at Twitter and finding the big stories in half the time and doing a tenth of the work.

Twitter is probably the best thing to happen to the journalism industry since that whole printing press dealio.  What do journalists need to exist?  Readers.  What gets their material to the readers in the fastest and most consistent manner?  Twitter.  People are busy, they don't want to continually check a website for an article by their favorite columnist, or pick up a newspaper, not when they can receive updates on their phone.

Yes, Twitter has its base in being something trivial and annoying, but if you can't at least see the usefulness, then you're an idiot.  Sorry, sucks to be you.

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