Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cube Wars is Live!

Imagine a world where you're resigned to a meaningless cubicle existence. Day after day, you're a prisoner in an eight foot by twelve foot box, wasting away. The corporate world is an unkind monster, chewing up new workers as fast as they can graduate and regurgitating them as monochrome lumps of anonymity. What can you do but type away, neaten your little stacks of sticky notes and requisition more cheap pens that never work?

You can fight back. Grab your staplers and your paperweights. Saddle up your ergonomic chairs, it is time to go to war.

Alexander S. Bauer is trapped in such a world. He watches in politically correct, business casual horror as his projects are turned over to another, supposedly more qualified group of brown nosing employees. But Mr. Bauer is not one to take adversity sitting down. He will not watch his career go calmly into the night. He will resist.

Bauer takes the moment every office drone wishes they could and dry humps it into submission. Joining a team of similar misfits, he begins to plan tactical strikes against his enemies. It will be the battle against evil colleagues that every office nobody wishes they could wage. It will be the deadly offensive against management every belittled worker bee wishes they could execute.

The cost is a little steep at $15.99 but it was the best I could do unless I wanted to scale down fonts to reduce the number of pages, and make it impossible to read.

Update: The Cube Wars Anthology has been updated to meet with the stringent requirements of retail publishing.  This version will not be available for another two weeks or so.  The only things the retail version has that the lulu version doesn't are a title page, copyright page, and a blank page at the end of the book, so you're not missing out on anything.  Also, I get significantly more royalties if you order it through lulu (around $4) as opposed to another retailer like or Amazon (around $1).

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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