Monday, November 15, 2010

Criminally Vulgar, Czech Superstar

As many of you know, I track stats for this blog using google analytics because at the time, Blogger did not have statistics that were any more complicated than a simple counter.  It reveals some interesting things.  You've all seen my articles that mention some of the odder google searches that find me.  ("picturesoftesticles" showing how crappy people are at using google for example.  Look, I've got testicles, if you want to see them, I'll show you.)

One of the things I like to look at from time to time is the breakdown of what countries are viewing this blog.  Obviously the United States and Canada have the most unique visitors with 1,717 and 209 respectively.  Somewhat less obviously the Czech Republic leads in pages/visit along with Sri Lanka with 3.00.  But I actually know someone of Sri Lankan descent.  And the Czech Republic leads by a whopping margin in average time spent on the site with 21 minutes and 53 seconds.  (Thank you for that.)

San Diego has the most hits for a city outside of New York with 22.
Wake Forest has the most pages per visit with 11.  Repentigny is second with 10.  Yay Jason Pominville's hometown!
Luzern, Switzerland has the highest average time on the site with 25 minutes, 38 seconds.

For some reason my "Ideal Woman Criminally Vulgar Style" entry remains the highest traffic single entry.  (My highest traffic page is just the main page.)  I can only conclude that some woman (or women) is/are stalking me and are constantly measuring themselves against that article.  You know there is a comment button...

Finally, Referrals from Networked blogs give me the most traffic (which I believe encompasses facebook).  I get a surprisingly high amount from blogger too, which pleases me.

So yeah, thanks to all my loyal readers.  Don't forget to click follow, and the next time I'm in the Czech Republic, I'll buy you a beer.

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