Monday, November 29, 2010

Chapter Outline for "Taro Says: The Life and Times of Sabres Fans"

What the Project is: As some of you know, Taro Says is to be a collection of fan stories about our Buffalo Sabres.  The following is my rough chapter outline.  I haven't figured out quite how I'm going to order things within each chapter yet so it's not set in stone.  Also, the organization will (assuming I actually get to pursue this) changes based on what I get from the people I interview.  I might find that one chapter is getting tons of stories, or people might want to talk about something I hadn't even considered, so things could change for that reason as well.

Where the Project Stands: The typical process for a non-fiction work is to craft and submit a proposal.  Obviously there are other factors at play here such as involvement by the NHL and the Buffalo Sabres that I need to hammer out, but one thing at a time.  I have contacted Paul Wieland, author of "Then Perreault Said to Rico..." which is similar in that it's a collection of stories from Sabres players and team personnel regarding the team's history (ignoring everything after about 1995 even though the book was written in 2008).  I'm hoping Mr. Wieland can at least give me some direction as to the steps I need to take in order to make this a reality, and at most can get in touch with some publisher or team representative and be all "this kid has a great idea, throw dollars at him now," and then I write this and it's awesome, and the Sabres have basically given me everything in life.

So yeah, read...

Part I: Great Moments in Sabres History as Seen by the Fans

Chapter 1: Before There Were Sabres
Growing up with Hockey
Rooting for the Buffalo Bisons

Chapter 2: Getting a Team
Where Were You When You Heard the News?
Did Things Change in Buffalo?

Chapter 3: Humble Beginnings
Getting Gilbert Perreault
The French Connection
 A Swift Rise to the Top and the 74-75 Cup Finals

Chapter 4: Settling In
Through the 70s and 80s
The Departure of The French Connection
Lindy Ruff as a Player
The Playoff Wins Drought

Chapter 5: The Glorious 90s
Celebrating May Day
Alexander Mogilny, Pat Lafontaine and Dominik Hasek
Farewell to The Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
Lindy Ruff as a Coach
The 97-98 Conference Finals
The 98-99 Cup Finals and No Goal

Chapter 6: Tense Times
The Ownership Issues
The Lockout Year
Prevailing Through

Chapter 7: 2005-2006, Rick Jeanneret's Favorite Season
Low Expectations and Remarkable Results   
Campbell's Hit, Briere's Game Winner, and Whooping the Flyers
Pominville's Shorthanded Clincher and the Senators Shocker
Defensemen Dropping Like Flies, Briere Sends it to Seven, but the Fans See Disappointment

Chapter 8: 2006-2007, Being the Class of the NHL
High Expectations and the President's Trophy
Steamrolling the Isles
Difficulties with the Rangers and Chris Drury and Max Afinogenov Play Heroes
The Senators get Retribution

Chapter 9: Looking for Better Days
Losing Briere and Drury
Missing the Playoffs
Two Tylers and a Look into the Future

Part II: Great Moments in the Lives of Sabres Fans

Chapter 10: And So it Begins
Your First Sabres Game
Starting Young and Being Raised a Sabres Fan
Starting Old and Finally Seeing the Light
Early Memories
Shepherding Young Fans into the Fold

Chapter 11: Through the Years
Togetherness and Sabres with the Family
Growing with the Team
Favorite Players Through the Years
Friends You Made at Sabres Games

Chapter 12: Add a Lot of Blue, a Little Gold, and Cook With Passion
The Best Stories from Inside The Aud
The Best Stories from Inside HSBC Arena
The Best Stories from the Plaza
The Best Stories from the Bar
The Best Stories from Home

Chapter 13: Thanks for the Memories
Bidding Farewell to the Aud
The Greatest Game You Ever Saw
Remembering Ted Darling
Remembering Rick Jeanneret

Chapter 14:
The Hopeful Future
Where Will You Be When the Sabres Win the Stanley Cup?

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