Sunday, November 28, 2010

An Article on Introversion


I'm usually not in the habit of reposting stuff, but this article is brilliant and it describes my personality to a tee. 

An introvert who is silent in a group may actually be quite engaged—taking in what is said, thinking about it, waiting for a turn to speak—but will be seen in the U.S. as a poor communicator.

This gives a pretty good account of how my time was with my previous employer.  I can't even count the number of times I had to literally talk over someone in order to get any words in at all.  It was very evident, even from the beginning, that there was a certain divide in communication and perceptions due to differing personality types.  In short, my bosses had absolutely no idea on how to deal with an introverted person.  Some of the reasons I got for being laid off were that I "never looked engaged," and often "didn't look excited" which are reflections of my personality.  I can't feign excitement just for appearances sake, nor do I feel I should have to...well...apparently I did.

Above all, "we hate people telling us how we can be more extraverted, as if that's the desired state," says Beth Buelow, a life and leadership coach for introverts. Many introverts are happy with the way they are. And if you're not, that's your problem.

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