Sunday, October 10, 2010

TIme for Another Installment of Awesome Google Searches that Brought Me Traffic!

Ben Roethlisberger sick off - Not sure if this was a typo or what.  Either way, I like my fanbase!

candy mcgahee dating - You know, I just don't know...

gay cum tube - Catering to a great audience.

jewish lesbians eating pussy - and apparently a really specific niche...

my black girlfriend likes bondage - and a not so specific niche

my cat sees me - uh....wut?

pic of a toronto maple leaf fan punching a montreal canadiens fan - Who is this guy...who are you?  I need to buy you a beer.

smallest nhl fanbase - The Ruiner is lurking...

where i can blog my vulgar thoughts - right here!

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