Friday, October 29, 2010

Sabres @ Thrashers Gameday Diary!

Most of this is from My Twitter, so if you were there, you're not really going to read anything new.

7:08 (22 minutes to gametime) - Every time i eat a hot pocket it goes one of two ways.  1) Why god did I put this in my body?  2) That wasnt completely horrible, I want more.  Often two just leads me right back to one.

7:12 (18 minutes to gametime) - I hate 7:30 starts, I wish I had someone to have sex with to pass the time, you know, other than righty and lefty.

7:17 (13 minutes to gametime) - I had sex during the one Pens game two years ago. The best part was the sabres scoring was more exciting than me scoring.  Not that I'm bad in bed, it's just that I can bust a nut anytime I want.  The Sabres scoring on the other hand...

7:18 (12 minutes to gametime) - There is no such thing as too much sharing.

7:23 (7 minutes to gametime) - As much as I bag on the ridiculous Cirque du Soleil commercials, I think it would be awesome to see.  Flexible girls in yes.

7:26 (4 minutes to gametime) - It would be hilarious is some paparazzhole posted Jenn Sterger's cell phone number on the internet and everyone on the planet sexted her their penis, right?

7:32 (Pregame) - MSG apparently cannot work a camera, the video is like one of those old movies where half the frame is cut off at the bottom and continues at the top of the screen.

7:38 (Puck Drop) - Obligatory Jersey Love.

7:41 (17:47 first period) - Thrashers attendance...eight.

7:43 (16:27 first period) - Ladd is a cock. Go sit on Roloson you asshole.  Brutal hit by Morrisonn.  All clean baby.

7:45 (14:59 first period) - Can we give that goal to McCormick and not Tim Connolly?

7:49 (13:46 first period) - Anthony Stewart plays for the Tony Stewart?

7:52 (12:07 first period) - Thrashers coach Craig Ramsay looks like walking death.

7:54 (10:43 first period) - LOL at Craig Ramsey having to use a timeout like he's a basketball coach.

7:58 (9:04 first period) - RT @criminallyvu1ga: Craig Ramsay looks like walking death.  LindyRuffsTie - and that tie is not helping...   He raises a good point.  It's like a day-glo orange.

8:01 (7:59 first period) - In Soviet Russia, Antropov penalizes you.

8:03 (7:07 first period) -  Stafford just missed a net so wide open, his band had set up their gear and was doing a gig from inside it

8:04 ( 5:03 first period) - I love the Jordan Leopard.  2-0 Buffalo.

8:07 (4:42 first period) - Barack Obama just called me on behalf of Dan Maffei...awesome?

8:12 (2:38 first period) - I think part of Vanek's problem is he doesn't fully trust his linemates.  Ttoo much playing with Max where literally anything could happen.

8:17 (:20 first period) - That (Ennis' shot) didn't go in?  What retarded Jew physics is that?

8:19 (First intermission) - I'm not anti-Semitic. Jewish people just have different laws of physics. Walking on water, water into wine...come on?!?!

8:24 (First intermission) - 14-6 Sabres in shots.  Yikes.

8:28 (First intermission) - Let's go around the NHL.  Don't give a shit about No one caresolina - Rangers.  Yes another Montreal backup is outplaying Carey Price as the Habs are up on the Isles 1-0, and Versus executives are probably masturbating to the Flyers - Pens game.

8:32 (First intermission) - How is the Pens - Flyers game not on Versus?

8:35 (19:00 second period) - Jochen Hecht, you need to score.

8:36 (18:21 second period) - Someone snipe the Thrashers organist.

8:38 (17:33 second period) - Wheres the Gris tonight?  Stroking Thomas Vanek is a two hand job.

8:38 (17:33 second period) -
Philip Kneitinger - I still get nervous any time Miller decides to play the puck.
Alexander - That's because he learned the art of drunken puck handling from Patrick Lalime.

Alexander - That's why Miller loves him, they get hammered together and shoot pucks at toddlers in the Galleria.

8:42 (15:13 second period) - Power play you make me cry.
8:45 (14:12 second period) - Yes Miller, that is the fuckbag you want to go after

8:47 (13:04 second period) - Who replaced Sekera with a smart hockey player?

8:50 (11:33 second period) - That was a slash? I've seen cumshots with more force

8:52 (10:15 second period) - Don't try to make me like you by blocking shots Connolly

8:58 (8:13 second period) - Montador and Leopold are +2 tonight, anyone miss Hank?  Yeah, didn't think so.

9:01 (6:27 second goal) - Sekera playing physical, wtf? And sabrefail 2-2.

9:03 (5:07 second period) - I can has ppg?

9:08 (3:07 second period) - Lol, Gerbe going for the tip instead of protecting his face, good man.

9:09 (3:03 second period) - A good shot?  Cut that shit out Connolly.

9:11 (1:36 second period) - Jochen Hecht, you do not need to keep your feet behind the goal line to score a goal.  (Maybe he does?)

9:26 (Second intermission) - Eating shrimp.

9:31 (20:00 third period) - Yay, penalty kill for Kaleta being a moron.

9:33 (18:51 third period) - That's why you don't learn puck handling from Patrick Lalime, 3-2 Thrashers.

9:34 (18:13 third period) - What a dive Burmistrov, take that shit back across the Atlantic where it belongs. /DonCherry

9:40 (12:54 third period) - That Gaustad/Stafford power play combo makes me want to strangle babies.

9:44 (11:38 third period) - Connolly grabbing Kane...are you retarded Tim?

9:49 (11:38 third period) - Lol, someone unfollowed me on Twitter tonight.  They lasted about a day.  I warned people I was going to be offensive.

9:54 (5:22 third period) - Yikes, nice boarding non-call on Montador.  If he goes down with an injury, we are officially fucked.

9:56 (4:59 third period) - Can we sit Nathan Gerbe yet?  he just isn't effective. (Oh whoops, I forgot Myers broke his face).

9:57 (4:48 third period) - MSG Camera spaz!

10:00 (2:01 third period) - Hell of a point shot by Myers.  No way we score, I'm calling it.

10:04 (:07 third period) - Sometimes you stand up and knock out ceiling tiles. This is one of those times. 3-3 with 7.3 seconds to go.

10:04 (:07 third period) - This is why I watch hockey.

10:07 (4:22 OT) - Stanchion of doom time.

10:10 (2:12 OT) - Overtime is so stressful, and so deflating if you lose.  Instant letdown


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