Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sabres Anonymous

My name is Ryan and took a trip back to 07-08.  Yeah, that's the Mr. Softie theme.

My name is Patrick and my team hates me.

My name is Tyler M. and I just suck right now.

My name is Steve and I am the king of awesome.  Who would have thought?

My name is Jordan and I am better than advertised.

My name is Craig and I am old.

My name is Andrej and I am surprising a lot of people.

My name is Chris and I might not completely suck.

My name is Mike W. and I'm invisible...but that's a good thing.

My name is Shaone and my naughty parts hurt.

My name is Derek and I look like the only guy that gives a shit.

My name is Tyler E. and while I seem to have a lot of unspectacular nights, I'm tied for second in pts and second all alone in +/-.

My name is Drew and I got contacts in the offseason.

My name is Paul and I might not be overpaid this season.

My name is Nathan and I am a midget, a likable midget, but still a midget.

My name is Cody and I am an American Badass.

My name is Luke and I'm new guys?

My name is Patrick and Lindy Ruff made me boring.

My name is Mike G. and I'm not as good as I was last year.

My name is Jochen and I'm stuck in 08-09.

My name is Rob and I haven't done anything.

My name is Jason and my head hurts.

My name is Thomas, and me and Derek are getting a little fucking pissed at the rest of you assholes.

My...Timmeh!  T..t..timmah...timmer?  TIMMER!  Timma Timmay timmmerrr TIMMA!   T..t..t..t..timm.timmer...

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